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My first was Dyna Blaster, which is THE awesomnest pixel-perfect straight port of the original Bomberman for the SNES that Amiga could get!!!
Especially it does RULE in single player mode!

As it comes to multiplayer, i've battled a huge number of fights in Master Blaster at a time... and great times they were...

I doubt there is a demo of MegaBlast. The game was a bit known when it got developed/released/played, reviewed in some mags (IIRC ), etc. so i would prolly find some info about a demo version . Tho, it feels nice to play a game done by "some" Amiga scene guy that wrote (in the good old PS1 glory days) for the polish paper mag, called: "PSX Extreme". Always loved to read how they've remembered the good old Amiga days...
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