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Bah, feveron runs like shit on my PC .. strangely, Dodonpachi runs much better

one I really would kill to be able to play is Guwange ... man, that game is BRILLIANT, I played it on my mate's AMD Duron 850 Mhz, (And yet couldn't reach 60 fps, it runned at 40 fps), that game is just fantastic, probably the best cave shmup so far.

And it makes Feveron or Dodonpachi looks like River Raid ..

When I was playing, there was like 3 or 4 friends watching me, and in a certain point a HUGE amount of bullets came in my direction, and I dodged them all, then someone yelled "Damn, did you pass UNDER the bullets?"

When the level finished, he said "Now I saw it's a little guy running, I thought it was a ship... well, with all those bullets I can't see a thing"
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