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Originally Posted by Chuckles

The Amiga was the first home computer with pre-emptive multitasking though. The Lisa and the early Mac would allow you to have several tasks going at the same time, but only one could be active at the same time, and the OS wasn't capable of automagically switching back and forth between them.
I dunno, Chuckslut, (heh)...according to, the Lisa indeed did have preemptive multitasking..

"...The Lisa team had added extra features not included in the Alto including the dragging, double-clicking of icons, pull-down menus, a menubar at the top, and the famous trash can. The Lisa OS also had preemptive multitasking. This and the fact that the Lisa team had no guide or set of instructions to follow, therefore having to "reinvent the wheel" according to what some of them had seen is reason enough to give them the full credit they deserve. See a Lisa OS 7/7 screen shot, or a color picture of the Lisa."
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