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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Dude, have you tried running Mac OS on PearPC? Is it fast on your comp?
I know PearPC requires a pentium 4 at least.
I've run MacOS on my PC native. I know, shameful using hacked OSX, but I wanted to see if it was any good with a view to perhaps buying a cheap Intel Mac. I wish I could buy OSX off the shelf to run on x86 hardware, because I can't afford a decent Mac

The reason is that I have a PC here lying around which is fully compatible with OS X (similar hardware to a mac-mini only a bit more powerful)

Until then it's Windows and Linux, but neither satisfies the 'geek in me

What is it with people who want to see AmigaOS 4.0 running on 68k? Do you guys now remember how expensive 68k stuff actually is now? I'd say PPC is a better option. x86 an even better option.

Yes, you guys might have 68k beasts, but what penetration will an OS have if you have to buy your machine by scurrying around on e-Bay? There is no room for hobbyists in a commercial market.

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