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Originally Posted by IFW
PPC as a dying platform: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony don't seem to agree with this statement
Perhaps i should've been a little more specific. The PPC as a desktop\laptop product. Sony's using a CELL and MS and Nintendo are using a custom made PPC designed solely for their consoles.

It was pretty clear that IBM didn't grant Apple any priority over what seems their main cash focus at this point, consoles, and that's one of the reasons that made Apple leave.

Now, if IBM can't accomodate Apple, well, i wonder what're the chances for a company that had to sell their furniture, their executives return to England after their greencards expired, and doesn't refund their 100$ coupons while "buying" "assets" in a third world country

And in this slightly more specific description, the PPC is dead as far as an explorable platform by an Amiga Desktop goes. If apple hadn't jump ship it'd probably be a viable possibility.
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