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Originally Posted by P-J
The question is, how long till it's hacked to work on [insert PPC system here]?
You see, it hasn't actually been "released", the news PR has, but the product, no. It is only available as an upgrade to old users who bought AmigaOne's back in the day.

If it were to be hacked, it'd have been a long time ago. At this point the user base hasn't grown by one single costumer, and thus it'd be hard to think the will to hack it would've too. One could theorise someone fed up with the situation would, so it'd run on regular PPCs (themselves, a dying architecture), but honestly, if it were so, shouldn't it have happened by now?

No one new will get this OS, and if they were, they'd have no hardware to run it on. The rumour on several Amiga sites is that this got PR Released to serve lawsuit and contractual issues between Amiga Inc. and Hyperion, since it seems that Amiga Inc. has exerciced it's buyback clause of the AmigaOS 4.0 product. It is likely that Hyperion doesn't want it's product bought back after having plunged a reported half a million bucks in it.
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