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Originally Posted by BuZz
This is why I said "may not have" since it is possible, but the majority of a1200 users I would think don't run in this mode. I probably should have said "might not have" to avoid confusion.
Yup. xD Also you said that they "will have to" scroll around, rather than "might have to"... I just assumed that you didn't know. ^^;;

I admit though that it's mostly due to me stereotyping UK Amiga users... Old grudge I held against UK mags (especially Amiga Power) for assuming that Amigas were always stock A500s or A1200s hooked up to televisions. I was shocked to learn that in the UK there were A500 users with only 512k of RAM (in most of the world the A501 came in the A500 stock from the shop, I think -- it certainly did at all the stores I went to. ^^; ), and that getting a second floppy drive was considered a big storage expansion. ^^; (Before I got my first hard drive I had 4 floppy drives and it still drove me nuts, it was one of the few things x86-owning friends could laugh at me about. =p )
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