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As you can imagine they always recieve complaints from various LAMERS saying this game or that game used to run better in earlier versions of MAME or on other emulators
God, I fucking HATE this attitude: The whole purpose of an arcade machine was to present the public with a game they'd want to pump coins into, and to do so as efficiently on the available hardware of the time as possible: How does it make you a "lamer" to point out that if you need a bloated 4gb of anything to replicate the original arcade machine, and even then only at the curcuitry level (often breaking the visual or audible output to get that result), then you've seriously failed to capture the original machine with any accuracy at all? It would be like me saying "Well, human beings are nothing more than their biology, and so if I use beachballs for each atom, and glue them together until I've got a torso in exactly the same physical proportions down to the atomic level, even if it's the size of the solar system, I've accurately emulated a man." And if that's what you want to do with your life, then go for it. But don't you dare claim your view is more accurate to the nature of the thing, whilst insulting others because they don't agree with you. Because it's not true accuracy at all.

But to end on a positive note: Some emulators that are good, but aren't being ruined by technophile arrogance, are...
YAPE (C16) and VICE (C64),
Meka (SMS),
MESS (which runs multiple machines, a god send if you used to own some really obscure ones, like the Dragon 32)
Visual Pinball (Which comes with it's own editor, so you can make your own tables, as well as play the old classics)
BGB - (Gameboy and Gameboy Advance)
WinUAE (Of course...)
Final Burn Alpha (Arcade games the way they SHOULD be done.)
ZSNESW (Super Nintendo System)
Magic Engine (PC Engine)
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