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Completed in a day. I quite liked it and suggest it to anyone. Great storyline and good graphics.

Yo Joe!:
Completed in a day. Very good graphics but it's way too easy and after some level I was just collecting extra lives I had 20+ lives when I finished it. Discussed it with a friend and he experianced the same

Champions of Krynn:
Awful graphics, but hey I love DragonLance stuff Completed in two months.

Ok everyone finished it, it's lame to be proud just because I finished it. (but I am)

Street Fighter 2:
Same as above

Body Blows:
SF2 clone. Not bad. Finished in a few days

Evil game about killing indians

Global Domination:
Strategy game, not remember much, not half as good as civ.

Skipped a level with cheat because the disk did not load. A bullfrog classic.

Chaos Engine:
This was hard, I finished it in a few months

Dune 2:
Finished it with atreides once and with harkonnen several times. Atreides sonic tank was way too better than ANY other unit in the game but it was hard to control.It took some weeks to finish

The last game I finised on Amiga without cheating. The big bad guy's name was Bill Setag, does it ring a bell? finished in a month

Barbarian 2 (psygnosis):
I love the environments and enemies in this game at some later level there was a surrealistic monster with the best animation I've seen in an amiga game. Very addictive. Though not considered as a classic I prefer it to any other psygnosis game.finished in a week.

Silk Worm:
Heheh everyone knows that. Finished in a few weeks.

Good first person shooterish 2d game. Graphics were bad but it was ok for it's time. Finished in a month.

Average game of the creepy movie. Finished in a few days

The arcade version was a special machine with three monitors placed side by side, amiga version is as good as it but there were no extra monitors included in the package Finished in a few days.

Very good platformer. Good graphics, interesting enemies.finished in a few months.

I could finish it's arcade version with two coins, and there was a kid who could do wit only one . Finished in a day.

Legend of Kyrandia:
An adventure game from westwood, it probably has the same graphic and sound artists as in Eye of the Beholder series. Finished in a few months.

Golden Axe:
Played it on Master System, Mega Drive,PC and in Arcades I can't tell you how long it took to finish it on amiga.

A great LucasFilm adventure. graphics were not good but ok. Finished in a week. I think it had the music of Tschaikovsky and I probably wrote that wrong.

Lure of the Temptress:
Everything was ok until I was prompted for disk 3. There was no
disk 3 !!!But I went as far is it goes.It took about a month to get there.

Simon the Sorcerer:
There were points I was stuck, and checked them from the solution in a magazine. finished in a few months

finished in a day. I was just too successful at the bonus levels (casino) I managed to duplicate my score in the casino all the time and at the end, it did not fit on the screen (or whatever it's contained it I don't remember the interface much) so my rank was ;FROG GOD i the end

UFO Enemy Unknown:
Ran too slow on my plain A1200 but it did worth it. Finished in one or two months.

I said EOB2 and Defender of the Crown previously. There were so many games I couldn't finish because they were badly cracked or had similar issues as Lure of the Temptress, I try not to count them. Pools of Darkness was improperly cracked, and asked me a word from the document that came with the game, thanks to skid row, I had to quit that game there.

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