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Karl Stodulski
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Damn, I'd always thought that VGA/ SVGA were the only graphics modes on PCs that could give 256 colours .

I downloaded both of those versions some time ago for the PC. Although I liked how Elite Plus (MCGA) looked, I only tinkered around with it. I've always preferred the Amiga version.

I may download Elite Plus one day to see if there really is a bigger difference between Amiga Elite and PC Elite Plus other than graphics and sound.

By the way, do you know how you get to be offered missions in Elite? I read somewhere about having to make 'x' number off galactic hyperdrive jumps, reach a planet with a tech level of at least 'x' etc. I did it once when I had a real Amiga, when I had to destroy a ship with a cloaking device, but being young I never wrote down where to find the ship so I could never do it !
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