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Originally posted by lilalurl

And finally now that analogic audio has been implemented, you can run Dracula X : Rondo of Blood on Magic Engine.
The full image was unburnable (many people reported this) and ISO+mp3 just isn't fatihful enough.
So now you just have to run the image from your hard drive or a CD.
Seems useful, but I disagree with this last bit. I had a copy of Dracula X PCE for a long time now, and it was not burned from an ISO+MP3 thing, it was copied from an original. A friend of mine gave it to me. It seems the ISOs out there, or something like that , ws fucked, and that made it unburnable. My copy works fine except for a slight audio desyncing problem.

Dracula X PCE is the only CDR I have, mind you. When I shit money, perhaps I buy it
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