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Originally Posted by BuZz
(You will also have to scroll around the interface as you may not have an 800x600 resolution on aga).
ECS and AGA support 800x600. o.O Ever since Super Denise the Amiga video chipset timings have been programmable, so you can make 800x600 screens. (4 color on ECS, 256 color or HAM8 on AGA). OS 3.0-3.9 even ship with Monitor config files premade for these screenmodes (the Monitor file is called Super72)

That said, it's an interlaced mode, so you'll want to use it on an LCD monitor or use a scandoubler (not all scandoublers support timings higher than 15Khz though)

Edit: It's also possible to make a non-interlaced 800x600 mode with very low vertical refresh (like 45Hz or so) but you'll definitely want to use an LCD monitor for that one. XD
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