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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Well I thought it was going to be miles too fast judging by the video on the site, but it was fine, just the same speed as I remember on the Amiga

The Slow setting is hilarious, you can go put the kettle on before your egg leaves your 'duck'

Nicely done though, seriously it's very polished.
HEHE. The slow setting is really in there for kiddies! That said, even my 8 year old niece prefers to play on 'normal' speed.

I think you become accustomed to the face pace of the game, and without thinking, you're reacting and thinking faster, so it demands a little more from the player ...

Please recommend it to your friends though, I have loads of copies left still, and absolutely no clue how to do the marketting and promotion thing! lol.
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