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LMAO. Touche. Shame they are all sh*t though and none let you play as the ghost or have 4 player support or lasers or secrets or bonus rounds etc etc etc etc. Still, nice to compare ours to If you must insist people should play boring old pacman just point them to Mame. Oh, and 4 player network play ? Coming soon Online highscores. Kids mode, Ace mode. Secret levels, more bonus rounds, and more bonuses are planned.

I'm curious PJ, have you played our demo ?

Actually Minion and Kryten both hang out at another forum i visit regularly, so no offence to those guys. They have both made competent pacman clones, but compared to ours i do find them boring. In fact, i've never been much of a fan of pacman. 2 clones i can think of that i have liked are Mad Mix on the Speccy and Mean Arenas on the Amiga. Never did much like the original arcade version.

Keep the links coming, its good to see what we are up against
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