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Here's the readme file for a little tool to unmount devices:
Short: Device unmounting tool (with source)
Author: Marek 'March' Szyprowski <>
Type: disk/misc
Version: 0.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos, m68k-amigaos
Status: freeware

This is simple tool to unmount specified device. It should be considered as a
little hack, because AmigaOS does not have a clean way to completely unmount a
device and free all its resources.
However, in most cases it should work.

It has been tested with the following filesystems:
* Ext2FS (works)
* SGIXFS (works)
* NTFS (works)
* FAT95 (works)
* FFS (works)
* SFS (does not work, SFS lacks support for ACTION_DIE packet)
So I guess resources are not freed with a simple assign drive: remove
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