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Which part of PM me is not understandable in your language?

I can totally understand what you are saying, i just don't understand WHY you are saying it. Game design ripoff, idea ripoff and direct cloning for profit has been going on since the dawn of computers. Its no different now.
You can understand that I'm saying you've copied a game and are immorally selling it for profit? So why do you do it?

Don't justify it with others actions, it's pathetic. Like an 8 year old school child : "He started it."

Your direct copying of this game is current, I can't do anything about the past.

Same game, different gfx.
You've decided to take this a step further : Same game, same graphics. Oh, you redrew them? How clever of you!

Like I said before, you'd hate it if it was your original game that had been ripped off, and don't try to dispute this. Also, please stop using plagiarism analogies that are nothing like the plagiarism you've performed, or this will go on forever.

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