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Yes, its based on pacman, but its not the same. Yes we changed the name to avoid Namco knocking at the door. Yes we are selling it. However, we are confident that our version of this classic far exceeds most others out there, certainly in the fun and playability stakes and often in the sounds and gfx departments too. AND it most often costs $5 less !!
Oh, so because it's better that makes it alright? You ripped the iconic graphics (redrawing them is the same) and copied the entire principle of the game and then added a few bits. You've copied their game fair and square, but none of this is a problem until...

This took us 6 months of nightly (we do both have full time work and families) work with many bedtimes stretching away till 3-4am. We would like a little recompense for that hard work and i don't think its too much to ask. charge for it. I couldn't care less how long you took on it. You copied a game, then sold it. In my book that's no better than selling Amiga CDs on eBay. I'm so sorry you had to take time out of your life to copy this game, luckily for you any spiritual gain is non-existant and money is your motivator.

Because it has a retro factor, you have plenty of defence on this forum but it's basically thieving. Personal use and freeware is very different.

I wonder how different the comments would be if you ripped off a game an EABer had conceived and programmed.

as Paul s says, don't like it, don't buy it.
Is this cheeky comment suppose to be funny? Shall I go and see what Namco or whoever owns the rights thinks of this? No, because I wouldn't do something like that, but don't insult me by thinking a boycott would stop you from selling someone elses game idea.

If you want to continue this, PM me.

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