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Every author thats written a first person shooter since 3D Monster Maze came out for the ZX81 should be found, flogged, publicly humiliated, flogged again, sued, jailed and killed. And thrice killed some more to death. Its a disgrace that game ideas are copied.

Yes, its based on pacman, but its not the same. Yes we changed the name to avoid Namco knocking at the door. Yes we are selling it. However, we are confident that our version of this classic far exceeds most others out there, certainly in the fun and playability stakes and often in the sounds and gfx departments too. AND it most often costs $5 less !!

This took us 6 months of nightly (we do both have full time work and families) work with many bedtimes stretching away till 3-4am. We would like a little recompense for that hard work and i don't think its too much to ask.

as Paul s says, don't like it, don't buy it.
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