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Originally Posted by bippym
Yes fair enough it is sold on the same premise as pacman and yes it is similar but you show me a pacman game that isn't that similar!
It's closer to identical than similar. This isn't about 'other games'. If I drive under the influence of alcohol is it okay because 'everyones' doing it? This game is the topic of conversation.

In all honesty I believe a lot of work went into this game and also warblade (Which is a blatant rip-off of galaga!) and Edgar deserves some return on his time spent.
I bet it was loads of work, but that's not the point. If it took him 50 years, it's still someone elses game that has been copied. I'm sure legally the position is clear that since the name is changed it's fine, but from my point of view it's morally reprehensible.

It irks me because developers buy rights to games in order to produce sequels and similar, but some people feel they are above this. That is where the problem lies.

Nobody forces anyone to pay for his effort and maybe if nobody did pay he'd stop and maybe do something more original.
Nobody forces people to buy those '1000 amiga games + emulator' DVDs from eBay, but EABers often complain and try to take it down. This is hardly different, if different at all.

There are always going to be direct rip-offs of games and other media in the world, and others are going to make money off of it (Check out the ingame music in Tower of Souls, it was ripped dirtectly from Blood Money!), is there any point in complaining. Just boycott it if you don't like it!
I wouldn't buy it in a million years for the above reasons, but I can't just turn a blind eye to something like this. I'm sure he avoided copyright/trademark issues my changing the name but that action alone proves the developer knows he has plagiarised to a great extent and has tried to cover it up as best as possible.

I must apologise if I've ruined this thread, but surely someone else can see this point?
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