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That's not fair at all.

This game is not only based on the exact same premise as the original game, but from even a mild distance from the screen it is almost identical. In the first screenshot I see Pacman (Pocmon? Crikey), ghosts and powerpills. It's a straight rip-off.

It is SOLD, I repeat SOLD off the back of the popularity of Pacman, a game designed and engineered by someone else completely.

I didn't know this was 'sold' on Amiga, I thought it was a PD/freeware product.

Lotus 2 is apples, Pole Position is oranges. The only similarity is the perspective. This game has borrowed everything from Pacman. However I disagree with any rip-offs of this nature whether the game is a huge commercial hit or just a small shareware game. It's still people profiting from the work of others.

Pacman and Deluxe Pocmon are so close it's stupid.

Call it a remake and give it away, that's a different place altogether. How is this sold? By profitting from the popularity of Pacman.

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