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Originally Posted by rgen
Great game, I think I will register after the holidays.

2 bugs I discovered (1.01 beta):
  • when a game in darkness mode is aborted, the next game starts in darkness mode
  • the UserMusic directory is filled with the files from the data directory
Also the hard mode is a little bit slow compared to Deluxe Pacman's Expert mode
and would it be possible to use some system wait function instead of always using 100% cpu time?
After speaking to Edgar he says that the CPU usage is denoted by the devkit we used. However he will contact the author of that and ask him if theres any way to reduce the use. Personally i don't think its a concern. Either you are playing the game or you aren't. If you want to do background tasks and theres not enough cpu time left, then maybe wait and play the game later. We will try to sort something out on this though as i agree 99% is a bit high At least its 0 when you click off or away from the game... The walls thing is just a matter of forgetting to reset a variable. Easy fix.
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