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Dick Van Dyke used to have an Amiga

Just randomly browsing some forums (instead of working) and read this snippet from an interview with Dick Van Dyke.

Not of great interest but hey it's not as if there is bucket loads of Amiga related news nowdays!

Q: Mr. Van Dyke can you talk about your interest in computer animation?

Dick: It started out as a hobby about 15 years ago when Amiga first came out with a little machine that would actually do animation and I’ve been doing it ever since. Now I have a room full of equipment and I’m struggling to keep up with technology, but it’s an addiction. It is so much fun. I’ve gotten pretty good. I’ve been actually offered a job as an animator and I realize the minute there’s a deadline, the fun’s over. So I can play as long as I want to with it and I have some good stuff in there, but I’ve never sold any or even showed any of it.
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