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I did the full guide to Unreal and got that printed in CU Amiga (can't recall month/year). Bearing in mind the game was piss easy and anyone could do it with hands tied behind there back.

The other was the game Poker Mania (only one I did) that I sent to 17 bit Software and thought no more of it. Couple of months later, I went to WHSmith in Romford to buy Amiga Format (bought since the first issue), done a bit of shopping, and scanned through the pages while waiting for a bus home and there was my game, reviewed, complete with screenshots. First thing I did was phoned me ol' man. Talk about total shock! Next thing I know it received a game of the month in Amiga Action, and got reviewed in The One, Amiga Power, and a couple of others. Still have those mags now.
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