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Hmm, I've finished many Amiga games without cheating, lemme see what I remember..

Final Blow was the 1st one, I didn't even had an amiga at time (I finished it in my 2nd go, very easy game)

Both Super Cars
Arabian Nights
Another World
Double Dragon 3
Seek & Destroy
Shadow Dancer
Global Gladiators
T2: The Arcade Game
F17 Challenge
Nigel Mansell (winning EVERY race)
Joe & Mac (Can't remember now if I cheated... remember this game wasn't too hard..hmm)
Epic (and didn't find it so easy as some people state.. strange)
Brutal Sports Football

I also scored 100.000.000 plus in the nightmare table on Pinball Dreams, does that count?

that's what I remember now..

There are lots of games I HATE me for not having finished them

like Chaos Engine (could NEVER beat the last boss), A.T.R. (Those damn Moon stages... the car jumps too much). Disposable Hero, Cannon Fodder, Micro Machines (15th stage is IMPOSSIBLE ), and a few others I can't bother to remember now
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