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hackdisk.device a600+kick13

I've got this strange problem when trying to install hackdisk.device on my a600 with a 1.3 kickstart (I got the chip with a switcher and I presume it came from a a500).

I'm using a program called makeres to move the device into reset proof memory. Like so:

>makeres install enable

it puts out a message that the device was successfully installed but after a reset and running hackdisktest to check whether it's all working it just quits with the warn signal(5). Something's wrong
Where the hackdisk.device properly installed it would spew out the version number of the driver.

I've transferred the kick file using transrom and the floppy image, configured WinUAE to match the hardware, booted, did everything as before on the real thing and guess what? It worked...

Am I missing something here? Any ideas?

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