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Originally Posted by Paul_s
I did have a A1200 many moons ago (1994 iirc) but I sold her off a few years later in 98/99... I was thinking of a 1000 earlier tonight but it would probably be a PITA hardware wise/upgrading... hmmm 1200 is very tempting and loads of hardware bits flying around on fleabay...

edit: P-J - i think you're probably right!

edit2 : I do have a CD32 as well - so AGA is here too
Oh, no. The 1000 is good to have on a shelf if you want a museum piece, you know, "just to have one". They are mostly useless for games, though. They go cheap typically.

I have a 600 and a 1200. The 600 has an HD in it, but I've never tried WHDload on it. Will it run stock?
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