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Originally Posted by Avanze
Yes so do I, but I have quit downloading the frequent intermediate updates now. I just wait for the point releases, less hassle.

Never have downloaded / updated intermediate releases... No point IMHO as they change too frequently

Ever since I found out about MAME (1997) and started dowloading it I've always read all the progress on the MAME Status page. Then of course this changed and virtually all major MAMEDev members started to have individual pages where they report their current projects / advances...

I only ever download "full" releases, none of this "u1 / u2 / u3" etc stuff...

Once the next full release version comes out I download all the ClrMAMEPro DATs / artpacks, run them on my roms / chd / artpacks files and download what I'm missing and what's changed. This takes enough time as it is
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