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Originally Posted by Avanze
Well MAME is currently changing the CPS2 internal system which will require an insane 4GB decryption table per game, so use Kawaks or Nebula. Also you can forget about CPS3 being decrypted is will never happen.
Yeah, sure I know this... I read ALL the MAME WIP pages on a weekly basis (if not sooner). CPS-2... IIRC this was mentioned a month or so ago on either Aaron Giles or Charles Macdonald's websites ...

Luckily it hasn't been implemented as yet. You know MAME though, always trying to achieve 100% accurate emulation no matter what the costs i.e. speed / size of files. As you can imagine they always recieve complaints from various LAMERS saying this game or that game used to run better in earlier versions of MAME or on other emulators like Kawaks / NeoRage / Nebula / Raine where they runs at full speed with my 3 year old PC, why doesn't MAME etc...

Something I remember reading in the past few months about Bubble Bobble emulation on Nicola Salmoria's (i.e. the GODFATHER of MAME) website i.e. and I quote:

So, how close was the simulation to the real thing? Very close; "too good", actually...
CPS3 being decrypted is will never happen

Yeah, true it is a long way off

...but saying I would have thought the same about SEGA Model 1 / 2 emulation but recently it's improved a little. All these things take time, luckily I'm with MAME for the long run
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