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Big grin And not only that, peeps.... *not only that*...

...but a new program which gives you the opportunity of playing six (at the moment) renditions of all-time classics in a 3D Virtual Reality environment has just come out as well! Simply click once on the title, Virtua Arcade, download the thing, try it out, read the stuff on the web page and drool with delight at the shape of things to come. It's currently beta as of now, but it's still pretty good.

It's under development and, get this, is expected to feature 74 more games by June '02!!!

(swoons with glorious delight) (gets up again a few minutes later)

However, despite there being a download page, it appears you will have to e-mail the guy directly and request for the download link (don't know why, maybe you should ask him?).

Oh, and I also congratulate the ImpactEmu team for making the first steps towards Namco System 11 emulation (I don't want to degrade the quality and importance of your post, Ian ).
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