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Originally Posted by Coagulus
My faves...

Snes - Zsnes
Genesis - KegaFusion
ST - Steem
Amiga - WinUAE
Spectrum - Realspectrum and EmuZWin
Amstrad CPC - Caprice
NES - FCE Ultra
PSX - EPSXE and PSXfin1.0
Dreamcast - Chankast
Arcade - Mame
GB/GBA - Visual Boy Advance
C64 - CCS64
Archimedes - Virtual A5000
N64 - 1964
Master System/Game Gear - Meka
Lynx - Handy

I like emulators! Much less leads! Have a pile on my Dreamcast too.
How do you get psxfin to go fullscreen? Tried everything I can think of
Forget it, I have it, I got the psx frontend and done it through that. Strange that there wasnt an option within the emu to do that.

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