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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace
i think all my Hewson games except Stormlord were plastic boxes...
Zarathrusta also came in a normal box.

Originally Posted by NOB
Coloris came in a VHS plastic box.The only one?
No, not the only one - I have quite a number of games that came in these VHS-style (soft plastic) boxes too (although box sizes/thicknesses differ)

All the ECP-release titles (eg. Atzex, Alert, Cortex, Fusion, Bards Tale, Chessmaster 2000, Thrill of Winning compilations, FA/18 Interceptor, Voyager-1, Beyond the Ice Palace)
In 80 Days Around the World
Seahaven Towers
i'm sure there are more, but it isn't easy for me to check...

I also have a couple of other (non-game) items in these sort of boxes:
Contact (application)
my A500 RAM expansion card

A few more in hard (non clear plastic boxes) These boxes are more like the newer VHS boxes, although about the size of a double CD case
Future Bike Sim
Final Mission

My DKB cobra also came in a hard VHS box
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