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ppill: Well, I tested the 040 when I got it; tried some new assembler commands, ran MIPS/MFLOPS tests etc and it checked out. The memory management unit? Don't know how to test it but it seems unlikely that the MMU would work fine for years coding and playing games but suddenly give up when I click a WB icon

To me it seems that WB 2.0 tries to react to the click of the drive, since it needs to enable some items in the WB menu when you do that. Instead it fails with out error message, and clicking RMB doesn't change the contents of the menu bar - it still says amount of chip and fast free (445KB chip, 4.5MB fast).

The Progressive 040 came with an install disk with modified libraries - I could try reinstalling it.

cooldude: I already have CPU040 in my startup-sequence.
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