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Wii tragedy.. Nintendo blew this one totally.

I pre-ordered a Wii in early November. Even paid it in advance. Not for me but as a Xmas gift. Guess what happens. The shop would have needed several hundred Wiis, they got 30. Local stores had 5 or 6. 350000 consoles is not enough for Europe.

BTW, the Wii does cost Euro 159,- in Japan because of the weak Yen.

I think the the Wii is very interesting from a technical POV. Not very fast but HD needs several times computing power, so much of the possibilities of XBOX360 and PS3 are blown for HD.
In the end all the new consoles have issues. Wii a little bit too much on the weak side. XBox260 flopped in Japan and there's the danger of HD-DVD (Blue-Ray PS3 games could force XBox360 games into HD-DVD which would mean HD-drive built in from late 07 and mandatory upgrade for old XBox users costing Euro 170,- again).
PS3 has its issues, too. No old memcard support, you'll need adaptors.

I think there will be a crash in the game software business. Developing for the new consoles is VERY expensive, most games will flop besides a few hit titles. The incentive to go for GTA 4, 5 6 and so on will be even greater. So very few really new concepts will have a chance.
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