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Hooooo WB loads but can't open harddrive icon on my A500

Hm. Curious.

Juts formatted and installed WB 2.0 on a Zip disk (in place of harddrive) on my A500/040. Booted, loadwb, fine. Click once on the harddrive icon (=zip disk). Now I can't right-click to access the Snapshot menu. Click once on the top bar of the CLI window. Mouse freezes. (which means reboot.)

Switch to native 68000 processor, nothing else changed, reboot. Works fine.

Will take a look at the startup-sequence on the Progressive 040 install disk, but...

What measures can I take to ensure an accelerator works with WB? I've already tried disabling Data and Copyback caches. A1200 guys, did you have to do something special? Fastmemonly? Disable instruction cache (surely not?)?

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