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Yeah, i´m thrilled to see how it works. There is another program on aminet wish will let you do almost the same thing, jnet i think it´s called.

Well, i guess it is serial couse the 1541 is serial. But the connection is to the amiga parallell port. Don´t know if it speeds up the loading proces much couse the emul1541 emulates the 1541 so i guess the speed will be almost the same. But it would be cool to try it out and get rid of the hassle finding 5 1/4" disks.....

Read somewhere ´bout a guy who built a amiga 1200 tower with a c64 inside. Everything connected to one external keyboard and one monitor... somehow... sounded cool.

I got an a1200 with a 030 blizzard board at the moment, so the multitasking will be ok. Looking around for a 040 board right now, maybe a 060 if i can afford it...
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