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Yeah, iīm thrilled to see how it works. There is another program on aminet wish will let you do almost the same thing, jnet i think itīs called.

Well, i guess it is serial couse the 1541 is serial. But the connection is to the amiga parallell port. Donīt know if it speeds up the loading proces much couse the emul1541 emulates the 1541 so i guess the speed will be almost the same. But it would be cool to try it out and get rid of the hassle finding 5 1/4" disks.....

Read somewhere ībout a guy who built a amiga 1200 tower with a c64 inside. Everything connected to one external keyboard and one monitor... somehow... sounded cool.

I got an a1200 with a 030 blizzard board at the moment, so the multitasking will be ok. Looking around for a 040 board right now, maybe a 060 if i can afford it...
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