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Originally posted by Shadowfire
[...]but the point of making the games kill you off like that was so that you'd put another quarter in. Don't get me wrong, it was a good game, but its retarded difficulty level absolutely does NOT make it the cream of the crop.
Two words:


It was customizable, arcade owners set it depending their cash needs. You can set it at your neo home system too, provided you got a dipswitch modboard

Besides, how comes people finish tehse games and thrash them with one hand tied to their backs and blindfolded? Something is wrong with US poor gamesplayers, not with the game Arcade games need mastering, this is oh so very true specially in shmups like R-Type.

The rewards of mastering such games are GREAT I'm a shitty gamesplayer but I like to master games and with lots of perseverance sometimes I acomplish the feat.

I think that after 8 years of playing R-Type 2, I only managed to get to level 4 or something. But I keep on coming back, I love what you call "cheap"... Tehse games are EVIL and I like that
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