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After a bit of research (ie: Reading TFM ), I find that the timeout option is actually just a command line parameter and it can't (I think - Wepl?) be controlled from within the slave itself. Oh well Any feature like this would have to be coded into each slave individually.

Twizzle makes a good point about getting something you didn't have before, whether it be simply loading from hard drive, compatibility with their machine, bugfixes or added features such as high score saving etc.. It's entirely reasonable to expect folk to pay (what is after all a small, one-time amount) for what they're getting and to restrict the features available to those who haven't paid.

I think EmuChicken in right in saying that adding restrictions that modify the game logic is a risk to the registered users' full functionality, and I also think probably not worth it. Restrictions that just affect slave functions (such as disabling trainers or high score / game saving) are much less risky.

Just for the record, it's important to me personally to (ahem) encourage users to register WHDLoad as I like to think it keeps Wepl motivated to keep working on the project. TBH if it wasn't for WHDLoad I would probably have left the Amiga behind by now and be wasting time writing Windows or Java games instead.

I still like that timeout option though. What's the feeling on the time limit, gang? 15 minutes then quitsville?
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