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Originally Posted by bippym
Remove highscore saving and save game support
Oh yeah, I forgot about those I usually do this too.

You could change all their high score entries' names into "UNREGISTERED" too, I guess

Originally Posted by bippym
Maybe make the games into demo's.. Play 1 or 2 levels then quit or back to title screen etc?
I see what you're getting at, but it does feel a little harsh to me too. I personally feel the user should get the full game, but any "bonus features" added by the patch are only for those who support the project.

FWIW, I think WHDLoad also has a function so you can have the slave auto quit after a specified time period. Perhaps that's a little less evil as the user does have the full game, but only for 10 minutes at a time I must look into that...

I guess you have to consider the extra effort of coding these restrictions, but it's fun to think up new ways to be evil, isn't it

Truly harsh would be to have a surprise message pop up at the final level (or whatever) telling the user to register to continue past this point
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