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Originally Posted by MayhemMaybe
When you had a massively popular system people bought it, but its own success hampered future development since people didnt want to give up compatability with their purchased software base (forget that you can always have kept the old system when buying a new one, but I think most people had to sell the old system to either have the money to get a new one or to maximize their purchase with the addition of peripherals and software).
I think i'm a good example of that since i went from a Spectrum128k (~2mhz) to an Amiga 500 (~7mhz), to a PC 200mhz mmx.

But look, from the point of the consumer... so you own an expanded A500 with 1 meg...

Then they release an A600. What's the interest? I'm going to buy a new computer all over again for what? No new software either.

Then comes the A1200. Ok. Somewhat better, 2 megs (only doube but wtf), 256 colours, ok now were talking. But it's pretty expensive. So i waited for new games to use the AGA chipset to justify a new buy... what games were there? Alien Breed 2? Looked worse than Alien Breed 1 and it was using AGA!

To make matters worse some serious heavy hitters wouldn't run on it!

Then comes CD32. What the hell did i care. Yay, an A1200 with a CDrom. Only lord knows what the game makers would do with the thing. They did nothing, obviously.

This even totally destroyed the people who kept buying Amigas contrary to me. Those who bought the A600 got serious fucked with the A1200. And those who got the A1200, were seriously screwed by an Amiga that couldn't run some of their best games, nor kept the promise of releasing serious amazing games using AGA. They never came.

So basically Commodore offered nothing, and kept releasing new machines. The market got fragmented. Nobody knew what to do. The so called amazing A1200, AGA games never came - The vast majority of quality inventory of the Amiga are all pre-A1200-AGA. Even years after amazing games like Ruff N'Tumble didn't use AGA. It was pathetic.

One of the biggest mistakes was never having the care to make sure the hardware had amazing games that could hook the user. Why in the hell would you buy a computer with nothing to use it on unless you're rich. Commodore was a disaster, they didn't even document the post A500 hardware well so programmers didn't have the necessary info to use the new features.

Everyone that was everyone pissed of the Amiga to the PC or consoles even as interviews in magazines in 93 yapped about the bright future to come with all this "great hardware".

Bullshit. Lipstick on a pig. The CD32 was useless. Nobody knew what to do with it other that shite compilations or an added CD track.

We all know what happened next.
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