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WHDLoad 16.7 Released

WHDLoad has been updated

*** 16.7 (18.11.2006)
- fix: the Snoop check for custom.bplpt's against BaseMem bounds was broken on word writes on the 68030 (DJMike)
- fix: resload_LoadFile and resload_LoadFileDecrunch has silently not loaded data without PreLoad, bug introduced in v16.6 (Bored Seal/Psygore)
- new: option NoResInt/S add, which disables any interrupts during execution of resload functions
- chg: if the Slave requires AGA and that is not yet enabled in graphics.library WHDLoad calls SetChipRev to enable it, this obsoletes the execution of SetPatch prior to WHDLoad
- new: WHDLoadCD32 a special WHDLoad version to be used on the CD³², check documentation for more info
- chg: registration fee in USD adapted due currency differences, EUR and GBP unchanged
- chg: various enhancements on the install template

Get it at
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