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I don't have a Wii number, but I hope that isn't your number in the queue waiting to pick one up - you'll be there a while!

My, my how things have changed. When I bought a SNES I just strolled into town on release day straight into the local Dixons. No queue or anything - simply walked in and picked one up and no one else seemed to be there fighting over one. I asked the attendant if he'd sold many and he casually replied, "yeah we've sold one or two". Today it's like a mini war buying a new console. The power of marketing.

My SNES has a number of 000000096 or something, which means it must have been one the first batch of machines made for the UK market. Still going strong too. It's the original Super Mario World pack that came with TWO controllers and scart lead all thrown in. Later they trimmed down the packs like modern releases - one controller and all extras at extra cost.
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