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i do so share your view point KG, hardly seems fair at all... for one can google mobygames and several others and find case cover art, all artworks published in now defunct magazines is under UK law public domain so anyway.. I would most certainly of pushed this issued with AndreasM had I of had this on my site but this is EAB and i dont want EAB in trouble, lest be said moderators (whom have a hard enough job) getting thier butts chewed out over somthing this petty.

when i get some time to sort out TheBoss with a site/CMS for the amiga covers project, then I will also contact the leagal department and get full leagal backing to post such covers based on original artworks... as is our rights in the UK. but thats another story.

I have discussed some matters with AndreasM, but he wishes that I donot disclose our email conversations, so as he wishes I will not diseminate our discorse here.

when i get more time i will take this to the next level with a leagal argument with andreas but that will be another story.
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