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What Amiga games have you finished, WITHOUT CHEATING?

After writing that novel about completing Merv the Merciless, I thought I'd ask you guys what games you've completed without cheating in any way.

Tell us the games title, the approx. amount of time it took you to complete it and any other info you feel relevant

Ok here is my first entry. It's late and I can't be bothered to rack my brains, so I'll add others later.


What a SOB this was. It took me several days to complete, maybe even a week.

I'm sure by the end of it I had a ZZ-top beard, lost several friends due to irritability and lack of sleep, was high on caffeine and had copious amounts of microwave meal cartons lying around my bedroom.

The last level was HARD and took ages to complete. I was 15 (I think, could be younger) when I finished this bad boy, thankfully in the summer holidays or I would have had to skive school

The ending wasn't bad, it involved some scene with you becoming king or something - hard to remember.

It took me days to revert back to "normal life". Sleeping was a problem - all I'd see would be little combat units moving in front of my eyes.

Integrating myself back into society was also hard; as I felt a huge sense of emptiness not playing the game I'd been glued on 247!
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