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To me it's not a question *should* we run amiga OS on PS3, it's WHO and HOW will that happen! I said before we can talk about porting OS4 to a vaccum cleaner, it not ours to port, it's, and I doubt they can do it....(retardation issues, not the developers!! the managment)... what we can port is UAE or maybe sway the morphOS guys to give us a port, a good time to ask since no more pegs will be made! It will be easy to port UAE to xbox360 (sinse it a pc's mostly) , but the ps3 has the CELL.... and some serious GFX power. Some ask what if it's short lived? well, I don't think so, stony plans a 10 year life cycle.. it has not even begun. Overall from a practical perspective it's still not the best platform as you want cheap and availabe *NON* proproatary hardware, IF we have learned anything from Commodore, Apple, SUN and SGI..... in other words we can put a ton of effort into the PS3 and Stony can shut us down later! Another import note is that we (the amiga community) should own the code (open source!) because, well I don't want to get dicked around by some company like amiga inc or even hyperion EVER AGIAN. (having read my own post I think we need to support Aros and other x86 projects!) Another point is the Wii is a very cool machine with out the amiga OS, go get one and try something new..... Come on you already played the hell ot of ever amiga game ever published! Most people that want an Amiga already have 3 of them!
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