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Post yeah..

..i´m back again from a long time away doing more important things like studies and stuff.

Well i found the 64hd thing and still think i will go for the amiga solution. The docs for emul1541 just says that the serial interface will be locket while loading wish, i hope, means that i can use the computer for other tasks while the c64 is running.

If i should go for the pc thing, and yes it is tempting when i already got a xe cable, i will be forced to boot into dos and the computer will be useless for anything else than being the hd for the c64.

The emul1541 interface will even let me hook my amiga hd as a second drive so i can both use my 1541 and the hd at the same time, at least the docs says so....

Emul1541 can be found on aminet, misc/emu i think, i will post a review of it when i´m done building the interface.
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