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Roll eyes (sarcastic)

Ugh. Obviously, this cannot work at all.
You didn't create a 50 MB hardfile, you created a hardfile with 50 million bytes! That's not what you need. In other words, you're playing with your valuable data. You CAN be lucky that you get a size dividable by 512 (without remainder), but this is usually not the case. If you don't have a size dividable by 512, you will doubtlessly run into a LOT of problems in the future!

1 MByte = 1024 KByte = 1024*1024 Bytes
Thus, your hardfile must have a size of exactly

50 MB = 50 * (1024^2) Bytes = 50 * 1048576 Bytes = 52428800 Bytes!

Yes, the computing world DOES indeed require a little bit of Maths, does anyone have a doubt here? So speak up!

I've created a HDF with this size for you, but I haven't done anything else so far, why should I? Well, that's learning. If I'd prepare everything, you wouldn't learn anything in my opinion. Learning by doing, that's the thing!

In The Zone, you can now find the corrected HDF, together with my slightly enhanced wb13_booter ADF (I added loadwb, endcli, format, ed, info.library and, in order to see icons instead of the static "Workbench screen", the icon.library!! Nothing else, because I'm NOT allowed to post full WB disks here.)

NOW, let's finally come to business:
Step 1
As I intentionally left MY settings for you in order to adapt them, you must now adapt the mountlist yourself to suit your needs for a 50 MB hardfile (look above for the cylinder settings). ED is right there, so use it after my booter disk has booted to CLI.
CANCEL the requester if it says "Not a DOS disk": this is normal behavior.
Step 2
- To make use of a hardfile, you must format it, of course.
Format command is on my booter disk, so do this on the command line:

format drive uae0: name "My First Harddisk" noicons

(Optionally, you can also add the 'ffs' option to format it with FastFileSystem. HOWEVER, you must have the driver FastFileSystem in your L: directory for that, otherwise your HDF won't work at all!)

Step 3
As a test, say 'loadwb' and then 'endcli'.
Now your HDF should be correctly mounted and accessible from Workbench! You can also get info for your HD to see if it shows the correct size. (That's why I added the info.library.)

OK, so I hope everything will work fine now.
Good luck!

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