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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
Will try this new version tomorrow and hope games will run a bit smoother..... but they are working on another version in which they have changed the core for faster speeds.... or what ever it said on the page when I read it last time.
that's right. the FAME/C core is being added, and i can guareentee you a fairly chunky speed increase from it. unfortuantly it's still being de-bugged in an attempt to get compatibility up to a release-worthy standard, so it's still the old 68k core included in 0.62.

also, the sound is going to be pushed over to the PSP media-core cpu thingey (dont ask me to get technical, its not my thing) which should increase overall speed and hopefully help iron out some of the crunchier sound that happens on some games.

these thing take time though, and even without those, this is an excellent update. (and i forgot to add the new "fullscreen" mode to the features list)
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