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JB, I agree. Even today nearly none of the games ever released make it in Turkey. If I order them from amazon or any other online dealer I'll have to pay a large amount of shipping price which is always more than the original value of the game. If I buy them here, I'll be buying the same pirated version from the guy at the corner and I would be actually paying for warez which I would never do. I can find everything for approximately 2 dollars here and have no problems with law and considering the impossibility of getting a legal version I have two options left:

a-buying a warez cd.
b-getting it from the net.

Things would be different if I was living in UK. Actually the whole idea behind copyright is flawed. It doesn't work on all the countries the same way. Chinese can get anything for 2 dollars and it's not illegal there and you are torturing yourself about not using a pirated version. There are people who have no other choice!
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