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Big-Byte: Downloading ISO from ISONews??? You're the best man.. there is not a lone little links to warez on ISONews.. read carefully: NEWS, this is an infos site only.

Well... I don't want to defend warez but imagine... I come from a very poor social class and my first passion is CG (3D mainly). I started learning 3D using pirated softwares (LightWave mainly). Now I'm a 3D operator, I own an official license for LightWave so it is a real problem? Did Newtek lose any money off me? without warez I should not have bought Lightwave.

I think it's really different compared to someone who will d/l an ISO game and claim that if the game is ok then he 'may' buy it... Obviously nobody will buy a game if he already have the same version as the original one for free.

Life is not only in Black & White, Good or Bad... In fact we are never as good or as bad we think we are. Got me on that point?
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