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Your Real Name

First off.. This thread should maybe go into off topic, but i'd like it to stay around, and considering it's a General

question to retro-gamers here'll do

Anyway.. the Question what is your REAL name (Surname not required)

Mine is: Mark

Here is an updated list (I wont put names of those I already know on here unless posted in this thread)


adolescent - Ben - It means "son of the right hand"

Adropac2 - Adrian

aldo - Allan

Artek75 - Artek (Arthur) - the king (no not elvish)

Avanze - Michael

AMIGAZ - Jonas

Bamiga2002 - Ville Haapanen

BippyM - Mark - Gender: Male - Origin: Latin - Meaning: Warlike

Brian - Brian - The name Brian is of Celtic origin and its meaning may be "hill" or "strong, noble, and high", or "slave driver"

Chain - Jan

comawhite015 - Frederick Michael Jordan

DamienD - Damien

DDNI - Allan - The boy's name Alan is pronounced AL-an. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "precious." From Adal. Also possibly derived from the Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock." Introduced into England by Breton followers of William the Conqueror, such as Alan, Earl of Brittany, who was rewarded for his services with vast estates in the newly conquered kingdom

Dizzy - Rud

dlfrsilver - Denis -Male my origin : english (dad side)/Latin (mum) name origin : Dyonisos
the god of all senses (taste, hearing, etc...)

Dooly - Laurent (comes from the latin "laurus", meaning laurel, one of Apollo's symbols)

Dunny - Paul

EmuChicken - Tim - Fulvio

fisken uno - Patrik

Galahad - Philip (Phil) - lover of horses (ahem *cough*)

gimbal - Erik

girv - John - Hebrew origins, meaning "God's gracious gift" or "God is gracious"

Graham Humphrey - Graham

haynor - Rafal

Highwayman - Matt

Hungry Horace - Dominic - Form of Dominick. Belonging to God

Ironclaw - Kent - Gender: Male - Origin: Welsh - Meaning: Bright White

Jason 2.0 - Jason - healer / Mother : Australian Father : English

Kada - John David

Keropi - Leonidas (leoneethus pronounced maybe, in english: Leo, ancient Greek name means the sone of the lion, also ancient Spartan king that died in Thermopyles after stalling the Persian army with 300 other Spartans

KillerGorilla - GAYLORD

Kriz - Christian

Lopos2000 - Udo

marco pedrana - marco (debates his meaning )

metarules - Paul

Methanoid - James - from the English meaning "Hung like a Donkey" (or he is a donkey!!!!)

Mick_AKA - Mick

musashi5159 - Gavin

Muzkat - David

Nikvest - Nikola

P-J - Phil

Paul - Paul

Paul_s - Paul (or Marion)

Phiber - Teppo

Plasmatron - Torsten

ppill - Zbigniew - short form Zbyszek, pronounced /Zbishek/, Slavic origin, and means 'one who dispels anger'

quahappy - Andrew - Manly, Courageous and Brave(!), and its origin is Greek.

s2325 - Slawomir (suavomeer)

Shoonay - Janusz (yah-noosh)

Snarkhunter - Lionel

spajdr - Marek (Mark)

Steve - err..... Steve

superBuster - Pierre

T-hairy-bootson - George - Name is of Greek origin, means farmer or earth worker

twizzle - Michael - saintly / holy Saint Michael

Viddi - Patrick

Zetr0 - Keith - <celtic / gaelic> : Warrior Descending / from the battlefield

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